Steffen Lohrer Stiftung

Welcome to the
Steffen Lohrer Foundation

As an expression of our gratitude, starting in 2004 my company Steinbeis Mergers & Acquisitions adopted the philosophy of donating up to 10% of the proceeds from successfully completed projects to supporting other people much less fortunate than ourselves. In the intervening period we have been privileged to help a large number of people, which we have always found very rewarding and moving.

Since we had just witnessed incredible successes brought about by the use of alternative therapies in 30 summer camps, each catering for about 15 children hopelessly suffering from chronic and serious ailments and disabilities (over 80% improvement in health and even some complete cures), I decided to found the Steffen Lohrer Foundation for Holistic Medicine and provide it with sufficient capital.

Experience shows that numerous children and adults suffering from various illnesses can benefit from complementary, so-called “alternative” forms of therapy. Ample supporting evidence comes from encouraging experience reports by therapists and persons concerned, medical case notes and scientific studies. Yet there is often a lack of relevant information, quality contacts, and financial means that could enable persons affected to seize this opportunity. Initial and ongoing training for therapists is still in its infancy and little money is available for comprehensive scientific studies.


Conscious living, use of relaxation techniques, and critical examination of one’s own personality can also counteract stress factors, which are the root cause of many illnesses. Inner personal growth and positive development of consciousness contribute to sustained health.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide support in the cases mentioned above. One hundred percent of each additional donation is used to finance these projects.

Steffen Lohrer,
August 2012